Step into the heart of Manchester's underground rock music scene as we take you behind the scenes of our exhilarating photoshoot with DEKAYTAH, the explosive metal band making waves in the industry. Join us as we delve into their recording session at Red City Recordings and get a glimpse of their electrifying energy before their headline show at the Lions Den on August 18th.

These guys are wild!

In the Studio

At Red City Recordings, DEKAYTAH collaborated with the talented engineer and studio owner, David Radahd-Jones. We saw them pouring their souls into their music, creating a sonic experience like no other.

Capturing the Moment

Navigating the challenges of the recording studio, we embraced the rawness of the environment. Through dimly lit rooms and amidst the chaos of sound equipment, we captured the band's fierce determination and unrelenting drive.

This is one of our favourite images from the shoot

Looking Ahead

DEKAYTAH's rise in Manchester's metal scene is a testament to their unrivalled energy and dedication. Our photoshoot at Red City Recordings captured the essence of their music, showcasing their relentless spirit and unmistakable presence. As DEKAYTAH prepares to conquer the stage at the Lions Den, join us in witnessing the storm they are about to unleash upon the world.