We are thrilled to share the exciting highlights and incredible experiences from this weeks So Hong Kong Festival, which took place at Bury Market on Friday, June 23, and Saturday, June 24. This Hong Kong-inspired extravaganza treated attendees to two days of vibrant festivities, featuring traditional cuisine, captivating handicrafts, engaging workshops, and fascinating exhibitions. Let's dive into the enchanting world of the So Hong Kong Festival and relive the magic!

Woman hands food to customer
Market traders preparing food for customers

A Tapestry of Hong Kong Delights

From 9 am to 4:30 pm on both days, Bury Market was transformed into a bustling hub of cultural exploration. The festival showcased a breathtaking collection of 42 stalls, each offering a unique glimpse into Hong Kong's rich heritage. Attendees indulged their taste buds with an array of traditional Hong Kong food stalls, tantalizing Cantonese cooking, delectable Japanese steamed buns, mouthwatering pastry treats, and a treasure trove of handmade accessories and arts and crafts stalls.

Promoting Cultural Exchange and Connection

Cammie Liu, the owner of Moliuliu's Store and the festival's organizer, expressed her vision for the event, emphasizing the importance of introducing Hong Kong food and handicrafts to the local community and fostering connections between different cultures. Moreover, the festival provided an opportunity to revitalize the empty stalls of Bury Market and remind people of the charm and significance of this traditional marketplace.

Cammie Liu the organiser of So Hong Kong Festival stood with fellow Market Traders

Returning Favourites and Celebrities

Building on the success and positive feedback garnered from the previous So Hong Kong Festival, the organizers decided to make this edition even bigger and better. A highly acclaimed stall owned by award-winning pastry chef Jeffery Koo made a triumphant return to the festival for the second time. Visitors were delighted to savour the exquisite Japanese steamed buns and Hong Kong-style pastries from Sale-based bakery, A Little Sweet, owned by Jeffery—an esteemed pastry chef and contestant on Bake Off: The Professionals 2022.

Another crowd favourite, Hong Kong YouTuber Betty in Manchester, brought the distinct flavours of Taiwanese-style deep-fried chicken to the festival, captivating taste buds and showcasing the diversity of Hong Kong's culinary heritage.

Immersive Cultural Experiences

Beyond the culinary and craft offerings, the So Hong Kong Festival aimed to provide immersive experiences that delved deeper into Hong Kong's vibrant culture. Visitors were invited to participate in a Cantonese workshop and exhibition, where they could learn more about the language, customs, and traditions of Hong Kong. Additionally, Kongtinue held a captivating storytelling and games counter at the nearby Mill Gate Shopping Centre, enchanting audiences with tales from Hong Kong and engaging interactive activities.

A Resounding Success and Exciting Prospects

Cammie enthused about the remarkable turnout, stating that the last festival proved to be one of the busiest days at Bury Market in recent years. The positive response and enthusiastic engagement from visitors left the organizers elated and eager for more. The So Hong Kong Festival not only celebrated the vibrant spirit of Hong Kong but also reinforced the sense of community and cultural appreciation among attendees.

Until Next Time

The So Hong Kong Festival at Bury Market was an unforgettable celebration of Hong Kong's cultural treasures, captivating visitors with its culinary delights, mesmerizing handicrafts, engaging workshops, and immersive experiences. This remarkable event brought together people from different backgrounds, fostering connections and promoting cultural exchange. As we reflect on the resounding success of this festival, we eagerly anticipate future editions that will continue to showcase the wonders of Hong Kong and inspire a deeper appreciation for its rich heritage.